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S3 Lab - Software & Systems Security Laboratory

Poster: Deterministic Replay and Debugging for Robotic Systems

Md Nazmus Sakib, Seungmok Kim, Zelun Kong, Seulbae Kim, Kyu Hyung Lee, Heejo Lee, and Chung Hwan Kim

39th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC) 2023.

Security, Cyber-Physical Systems


As robotic and autonomous tech becomes more prevalent, so do the risks, especially in autonomous driving software. The widely used Robot Operating System (ROS) struggles to accurately reproduce scenarios for debugging. Our paper offers a novel solution, tackling non-determinism in ROS for deterministic replay and debugging. We focus on two key factors: message drops and network delays. We monitor message queues, detect drops, and optimize network delays by loading messages directly into subscriber memory.